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Wire Mesh Lockers

Where to start when looking for storage possibilities? Consider the reason for storage and what exactly it is that will be stored. It could be to store old items or items that are not often used or it could be to enclose large equipment that should be in a secure area, rather than out in the open. Basically, it's a matter of assessing the need and weighing out the options that are out there.

Major Partitions offers several options, including wire mesh lockers that are versatile enough to meet a wide range of needs when it comes to storage and enclosing for residential or industrial purposes such as security lockers, tenant lockers, condo lockers and commercial lockers.

Industrial and Construction Lockers

Whether they are needed as enclosures or storage lockers, wire mesh lockers are ideal for industrial use. Often seen on construction sites, where heavy equipment or machinery is sectioned off as a safety precaution, lockers not only prevent damage, they also allow for clear visibility of what is behind the fenced-in area. Built to last on any industrial work or construction site, wire mesh lockers come as standard storage cabinets or with the heavy duty option – perfect for larger areas or equipment that needs extra security and storage. All this, along with the various tier options – such as single or double - and the security in knowing that items or work areas are safely enclosed and protected from damage, theft, or even fire, are just some of the reasons wire mesh lockers are the obvious choice for industrial and construction use.

Residence Lockers

Realtors and condominium owners alike will say that storage is a big advantage and often a “must” in any living space. Providing a condo - or tenant – locker can not only add value to any property, it increases the actual living area as items are kept in metal lockers. Residents will appreciate that their personal items are safe from theft and damage in the well-ventilated, visible security locker or cage and that they can be easily obtained if need be. And wire mesh lockers can be added on to any already-existing property where residents see the need; so it's never too late to offer this convenient and practical solution.

It's clear that, when looking for storage or enclosure possibilities, whether for industrial or residential use, wire mesh lockers fit the bill. Major Partitions can help you look at the options available and find what's best for you - a customized area that's just the right size and strength for your purposes. Create a safer work area, maintain heavy and expensive equipment, or offer tenants or condo owners more value – all with a safe and dependable security cages.

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    Major Partitions is known for manufacturing high quality mesh wire back fencing products that not only assure complete safety but are also ideal for storage purpose.