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Army Lockers - TA-50 Military Lockers

All of Major Partitions' wire mesh partition and storage systems are strong enough to hold almost anything and they're definitely built to last. However, TA-50 Lockers are one of the only storage systems that are built specifically for the toughest – and often most important – purposes.

Military Use

It's obvious that members of the Armed Forces will meet some of the roughest and toughest conditions and they need to be prepared for almost any situation. This means having some of the best gear available to protect themselves and their physical environment. Government institutions – such as the Navy and Air Force – only trust TA-50 Lockers to hold their gear. These military lockers ensure that the heavy and sometimes dangerous for the untrained person, gear that soldiers use is safe and protected from theft or getting into the wrong hands.

Major Partitions ensures that all military gear storage cages are custom-built and set up to meet government's extraordinary needs and high standards. In some cases, this can entail regulatory approvals. Military lockers come with adjustable shelving, as many as three hooks for helmets and uniforms, as well as hatches for special equipment, such as weapons. All this, along with heavy duty and various tier options. Once again, this is everything necessary to meet the demanding regulatory requirements for this type of storage system.

Other common uses for TA-50 Lockers include police and fire departments that require storage units for their weapons and heavy equipment, as well as the Navy and Army – all important government agencies needing some of the strongest gear. As with any wire mesh storage system offered by Major Partitions, TA-50 Lockers are custom-built and verified to meet these extreme cases and high standards.

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  • Back Fencing
    Major Partitions is known for manufacturing high quality mesh wire back fencing products that not only assure complete safety but are also ideal for storage purpose.