TA 50 Lockers

Major Partitions supplies gear lockers to the military and government agencies. Their rugged construction and all welded material provide the secure and safe storage of government equipment. Features include galvanized top and bottom shelf resistant to scratches and rust, hooks and hanger rods for easier storage of clothing and a powder coated finish. Built to last, Major Partitions can be custom designed to fit whatever requirements needed such as the type of mesh required, seizes and openings, and color finish.

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Key Advantages

  • Available in all welded or knocked down
  • Available in welded wire, woven or expanded metal
  • Fully Ventilated
  • Available with galvanealed material
  • Chrome plated pad lockable handle with high security 3 point latching system
  • Framed in 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 12g angle for  heavy duty construction 16g sheet metal reinforced hat shelf


  • Standard size 24''deep x 42'' wide x 78'' high
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Fully assembled (all welded )
  • Knocked down for on site assembly
  • Custom colors available
Advantages our TA-50 Military Lockers offer:
  • Strong enough to hold heavy duty military and government agency equipment
  • Lock options to ensure secure storage
  • Stored equipment is organized and easily accessible, thanks to shelving and layout options
  • Welded wire mesh at each intersection provides additional security
  • Painted with finish for rust-resistance and maximum durability
Built to last and to endure some of the toughest conditions, TA-50 army lockers are the choice of various armed forces and government agencies when it comes to secure, controlled storage options.



Major Partitions is a leading supplier of wire mesh products in North America since 1888.