Military Cages

Major Partitions has been providing unit storage cages and TA 50 gear lockers for over 20 years to the military.

With its state of the art manufacturing facility enabling us to provide savings to our customers. Our design team and professional installers have completed countless of projects on time. Our cages are provided with self closing hinges, tamper proof hardware. To ensure that they meet the rigorous standards of the military.

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Key Advantages

  • 2'x 2' tubular posts every 8'-0' feet for  extra rigidity
  • Anti-rust powder coat finish
  • Welded wire mesh for added security
  • Detailed cad drawings provided  on all orders
  • Custom configuration and heights
  • Easy assembly with nuts and bolts system


  • 16g expanded metal
  • Woven wire available
  • Cylinder locks
  • Special colors available
In addition, our Wire Mesh Partitions offer such benefits as:
  • Security, thanks to the welded wire mesh at each intersection and the tubular design that offers more strength than traditional wire partitions
  • Simple design with controlled access to space
  • Versatile and interchangeable system that can be relocated or added to areas as needs may change
  • Pre-punched components and tubular posts that can be easily installed using ordinary hand tools and detailed drawings provided by us
  • Painted with baked grey powder coat over phosphate-treated steel for lasting durability and protection against corrosion



Major Partitions is a leading supplier of wire mesh products in North America since 1888.