• wire mesh lockers

    Our Wire Mesh Lockers offer general storage and safekeeping for large equipment and can be customized to meet any needs.

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  • wire mesh partitions

    Built to suit your specific needs, our partitions are ideal for major work and construction sites and useful for large storage spaces.

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  • ta 50 lockers

    Major Partitions supplies gear lockers to the military and government agencies. Its rugged construction and all welded material provide for secure and safe storage of government equipment.

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  • rack safety panels

    Major Partitions Rack Safety Panels offers full security. Ideal for storage and preventing items from falling.

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Throughout the years Major has become the leading manufacturer catering to the construction industry. From supplying tenant storage lockers to one of the tallest condominium projects consisting of 90 storeys to delivering thousands of TA 50 lockers including hundreds of military cages to the US Corps of Engineers.

  • Installation Nationwide
  • Detailed Cad drawings provided
  • Maintenance free
  • Powder coated with antirust finish
  • Completive pricing
  • Timely shipments
  • Greater security
  • Experienced staff and installers
  • Quality products
  • Ship internationally


Major Partitions is a leading supplier of wire mesh products in North America since 1888.